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The restaurant industry is feeling the catastrophic effect of the COVID-19 pandemic across the country. As the industry shifts towards delivery, curbside pickup, and highly regulated dine-in experiences as their sole revenue streams, Tabletent Marketing is offering a free contactless ordering platform to local restaurants, cafes, bistros, and even food truck owners for 60 days. This is our contribution to minimizing the risk of spread but also to business continuity of our industry.

- Lakeita S. Greene, Owner of Tabletent Marketing

How Can Restaurants Defend Themselves Against the Escalating Coronavirus Crisis?

A step by step guide illustrating emergency measures restaurants should take to
avoid folding their restaurant businesses.

We're More Than Just Table Tents

We create all types of simple and engaging tabletop units such as menus, paper coasters, rack cards, takeout stickers and takeout bags. Each and every one of our units are integrated with mobile marketing technology that addresses 360 degrees of restaurant marketing. Our tabletop collateral achieves high conversion rates bringing your customers back time and time again, improving your online reputation, and creating a fanatic social following who become your primary source for new customers. Our three-pronged marketing approach is simple yet effective:


We start here because existing customers are more valuable and easier to capture than new customers. Therefore; we facilitate communications that boost customer loyalty and repeat sales.


Identity resolution helps connect the dots between customer retention and customer acquisition. We implement technologies that enable true people-based targeting and personalization.


We help you get more customers! Leveraging the two previous steps, we create effective digital ads that market your reputation and your offers attracting new customers who eventually become regulars.

To sum it all up… we keep ’em comin’ back! Try it out now. The interactive demo below is a step-by-step walkthrough…

Take a look at how we combine mobile marketing, reputation management, and customer retention strategies all wrapped in this one solution.


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Eye-catching Design

Our talented designers create artwork that attracts the attention of your customers.

Automated Messaging

Our messaging services require zero intervention from you. We set it; you forget it.

Enticing Offers

Our consultants work with restaurant owners to create offers that generate the best ROI.

Integrated Marketing

Our ongoing marketing campaigns can solicit online reviews, Facebook followers and much more.


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